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A bunch of helpful people at Tidel Park

When I finished office and was about to take my cycle to head back home, I noticed a bunch of people packing clothes into bags near the Gym at the Tidel Park. I immediately knew that they were working for the tsunami relief. I was curious to know which company they belonged to and so accosted them. I learnt they are from SCM Microsystem (never heard of that company before), working out of the 5th floor in Tidel.

Seeing them pack dresses, I figured they must’ve collected old clothes from their colleagues. I was wrong. They corrected me that these were old clothes that AIDindia had collected from all over Chennai. A few truck-loads of them would arrive every evening to Tidel park and these people would help in sorting them and repacking the pants together, shirts together, sarees together etc.

My interest got intrigued. I’m in touch with Sudarshan, a fellow blogger who is a senior person in AID and works out of its US office. So I was curious to know how these people got to work with AID India. Then they told me that one of their ex-colleagues had joined AIDindia and he was instrumental in inspiring them to contribute time for such efforts.

Wow! The point to note here is that a single person, I repeat, a single person was ablet to make a difference by influencing a whole bunch of ex-colleagues. Brilliant, if you ask me.

If you are in Tidel and if you want to chip in, you can join the group at about 6:00 p.m near the Tidel Park Gym.