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Helping International Journalists with Photos : I received an email from Jean Sébastien Baschet, a french journalist, which set of a new thought in my mind. I found out another avenue where we can help the people in an indirect manner. As people who are closer to the disaster areas, ( eg. Chennai, Nagapatinam, Kanyakumari), we can help provide photos to news agencies and individual reporters. I believe this will greatly help in fund mobilization from abroad.

I’m reproducing Jean’s email below. Please help him out with pictures and information.

Dear Kiruba,

I am a french journalist working for an international press agency O.Médias,


The international mobilisation is going on and help of the international

community is on the way to arrive to the differents countries which have

been touch by the tsunami.

We need to continue to inform the people in the way that the international

and individual mobilisation continue.

We need to continue to receive photo and to be in contact with local people.

We will be interest to diffuse your pictures and to receive them in high

quality. (higher size that on your website)

If you are ready to help you, you can write us at the following address:

or call us at (33) 1 45 00 59 19

Best regard,

Jean Sébastien Baschet