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Mahabalipuram Shore Temple is safe.

The Shore Temple, photographed a few minutes after the tsunami struck. Read the full article from The Hindu.

Courtesy Kavitha

Courtesy Visithra

Many have been writing in to ask if the 1200 years old shore temple is safe. I wondered about it myself. Though I went real close to Mahabalipuram during the relief works, I didn’t take time to visit the shore temple. But I did enquire with people and they told me that the temple had survived the tsunami. However, the many small shops that line up the shore which sell memorabilia have been damaged.

During our school excursion to Mahabalipuram ( in my 5th standard, I think), my history teacher told us that there were many other temples which got swallowed by the sea. I could never comprehend how this could have happened. Now, I know.