In General

Bloggers Meet & Relief Weekend

Come saturday and a bunch of us will be travelling down to some of the affected villages down the coast to actively take part in relief work. We plan to spend the whole day at the villages and make ourselves useful to the people. We might even plan to stay overnight.

The original idea was to have a trip exclusively for relief work and then have a bloggers’ meet. But it looks like there are many more bloggers who are opting to come in for the relief work that this trip itself will double up as one really long bloggers meet.

If you want to join up for the trip, you are welcome. Buzz me at 98415 97744 or mail me at kiruba @ and we’ll work out things. However, be warned. It would be a bit strenous. If you think helping out people is a good way to spend a weekend, then you’ll fit in very well with the group. We’re also taking time out in the afternoon for a nice dip in the sea.

We’ve got two three cars so far. My 800, Anita’s Zen & Nanda’s Matiz. Anita is driving in down from Bangalore along with her friends. Here’s the gang so far. Me, Anita, Arun, Suman, Chitra, Nanda, & Shravan.

If you have some relief materials to contribute, this is a good chance. We’ll help distribute it to people who are in need.