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Tonsure & Ear piercing

As part of the ‘Kulatheivam vendulal’ (praying the family God) specially for our daughter, she had to be tonsured and have her ears pierved. This is her fourth tonsure and her second piercing. Here’s taking you through the process.

Krithya at the temple. Me & my wife love it when she sits like this.

She had to carry a ‘thavalai’ (container with holy water) and walk around the temple.

The tradition has it that she has to sit on her ‘thai mama’s lap (uncle’s) lap when her head gets tonsured.

We were happy that she did not cry. Infact, she was sporty and actually enjoyed the tonsuring.

Feeling her pate and obviously pleased!

Sandalwood paste applied on her tonsured head.

Now came the difficult part. The piercing of her ears. She had already got her ears pierced when she was one year old but the function required another piercing. She sat on her another uncle’s lap for this procedure. Even though we applied local anasthetic to numb her ears, she felt the pain. You should’ve seen the hurt on her mom’s eyes.

It’s amazing how quickly kids recover. A few minutes later, she was back in her exuberant naughty self.