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Barefoot In The Park

I got invited to the special screening of ‘Barefoot in the park’, co-incidentally at The Park hotel. It’s an enjoyable comedy love story starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda shot way back in 1967. The movie was screened by Evam Productions, the theatre group which is adapting the movie into a play. The play will be staged in Chennai during the first week of February. Do keep a good lookout for it.

In a way, ‘Barefoot in the Park’ has come one full circle. It was originally a Broadway play by Neil Simon, which inspired the movie. Now the movie is again being adapted into a play by Evam. I can’t wait to see how they have adapted it for the theatre. Should be very interesting.

I have heard many good things about Evam (pronounced a-vum). I never got around to seeing a single play of their’s, even though my previous company was just a stone’s throw away from their venue, So, when I got a call inviting me for this special screening (thanks to Guru), I jumped at the chance. Only a select group of 30 were invited, so it felt pretty special.

Here are some snaps.

I quite didn’t know the name of the movie. So when i saw this sign, i thought we were supposed to remove the footwear and enter the theatre!! Good thing, I asked around.

The Park has a really cozy mini screening room. I really won’t call it a movie hall or a screening theatre. It barely seats 30. But the acoustics and comforts are great.

A quick click (minus flash) while the movie was running.

I’d call it smart marketing strategy. Three of India’s top 5 bloggers were invited for the show. On the right with checked shirt is Guru and the one second from left is Chandrachoodan. On the extreme left is Easwar, one of the organisers at Evam.