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My views of IIT Saarang

I call this my annual pilgrimage. I’m a big fan of college CulFests and never miss a chance to attend one that comes my way. And I never miss a Saarang, IIT Madras’ mega culfest. I guess the passion stems from my college days. I was part of the team that founded our own culfest Halcyon which is popular to this day.

Here are my views from Saarang. IE users, move your mouse over each image to get a short description. To view bigger images, go to my Flickr page.

Informals competitions that kept the crowd entertained Blindfolded-hit-the-pot contest Interesting ways to eat ice-cream Dance Workshops - Saarang does not only have competitons. Workshops that teach dance and jazz have become increasingly popular Western Music (Solo) competiton in progress The crowd letting their hair down to the DJ's music. Nokia scored big points by having the music corner with some great music The crowd at the MBA room where debate was conducted The debate contest was a major dissapointment. Pretty low in quality You'll be forgiven if you thought these were guys lazing around. These are the quiz contestants during the program. It's a typical IIT Madras style The circuit that controlled the buzzer in the quiz, handcrafted by an IITian The choreography competition is always a colourful event. Very popular at Saarang Surprised at the amount of money they spend on costumes and props. Here is a japanese dance Pottery contest in progress Face painting contest Western music (group) contest The crowd at the magnificient open air theatre. The atmosphere is brilliant. All the pro-shows was an houseful. Brilliant photograph. The spotlight on the crowd. Kay Kay performing. I didn't know Kay Kay was a south Indian (actually a mallu) until I heard he sang tamil songs. A french band performing. They were the crowd's favorite.