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I Got My Cheque

It felt good to wake up today morning to find this one from Google. Ok, the google policy states that we shouldn’t discuss about revenues from Adsense in public. You break the rules, and they can pull the plug.

I thought about for a few minutes about the risk of making a post on this subject…. and then I decided I *should* go for it. The main reason being people should know that money from Adsense is for real. It’s only when you see the cheque in your hand, do you absolutely believe in the Adwords system. And I’m doing this so all of you know this for sure. In a way, I’m doing Google a favor. A real world testimonial is far more powerful than any paid advertisement.

P.S – I was kinda tempted to post a picture of the cheque itself (after smudging out the numbers). But *that* would’ve clealy violated the rules for sure. So I played safe.