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Interviewing Sudhish Kamath

I heard about Sudhish first when he came to cover our victory at the rowing championships quite a few years ago for The Hindu, the newspaper where he works. But the time he really caught my fancy was when I came to know that he was directing a movie ‘That Four Letter Word’ (TFLW). I’m always impressed with people who do stuff that’s beyond their regular line of work.

My rowing mate Nikhil was a good friend of Sudhish and I keep hearing about Sud’s passion for his film.

Ever since Sud started his blog, I’ve been a regular reader and have developed what is called a blog friedship.. where you’ve never seen the person but you get a feeling you’ve known him well!!

When I read about the call for volunteers for an ‘item song’ that Sud is shooting for the film, my heart imediately went out to him. I wanted to do more than wear just a kerchief and dance. I’m sure I could help better. I strongly felt its important to support Sud’s dream, his five year labour of love. And that’s when this idea of interviewing him came by. I wanted others to know his passion for his film ‘TFLW’ and equally important, to help him in his effort.

We met up at Coffee Day on Cenotaph road. Over Tropical Icebergs and Cappuchinos, we discussed about the film. Sud’s almost fanatical obsession about the film was evident from the discussion. Read the interview.

Read the interview here.

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