In General

Phew! We got the School we wanted!

I can now heave a huge sigh of relief. We got admission to AVM Rajeshwari School, which we were really hoping. Here’s why

– This is probably one of the very rare schools which has only one section in each standard. I’m against schools where I find sections running to half the length of the english alphabets. ( LKG A, LKG B, LKG C….)

– Each class has no more than 32 students and a Teachers to Students ratio of 1:8 is something to vie for.

– This school has one of the bigger playgrounds I’ve seen. And they give importance to extra curricular activities. Yeah, playground was part of my selection criteria.

– This school is in the next street to my home. I went to my terrace and tried throwing a stone. It nearly landed at the school! 😉

– My daughter’s best friends study here. So there’s good company.

Now you know why. When my wife called me to say the news, I whelped in joy. I must’ve done this a little loudly ‘coz my entire dept heard the news and now they have demanded a treat!! That’s happening tomorrow! Whoever said children’s education is expensive is so very right!! 🙂