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Are you a computer game lover? READ THIS.

First, let me feed you up on the juiciest detail. Here’s chance for you to become a closed beta pioneer of one of the most advanced multiplayer games you’d have seen. *And* you get some real cool free merchandise for doing that.

Now, to the actual post. My company Sify is soon launching A3, the first ever English version of this highly rated Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). A3, based on the eternal power struggle between immortals and humans, has a compelling storyline of love, hatred and revenge that unfolds over several episodes.

This game is already live in Taiwan, Thailand and China. Infact, so popular is this game in China that there are already 4,000,000 subscribers and 2000+ fan sites. ‘A3’ reached 150,000 concurrent users on the first day of Open-Beta Service in China. A phenomenal opening.

Oh yeah, about the free merchandise. I got to take a look at the box of goodies and they are awesome. A black tshirt with a superb emboss of the game characters, a cap, kickarse posters, postcards, a CD containing the game. You can get all this free by registering at the site. The beta registration closes tomorrow, so suggest you hurry up.

Another reason why I’m posting this is because of Wasim. He has been my rowing partner for many years and a real good buddy. He is part of the game division and I’ve seen the passion and the dedication his team is putting in. Here’s to them. Cheers!