In General

All Good Things Must Come To An End

and so should this blog. I’m shutting it down. It’s time to move on in life.

Quick Disclaimer: I’ve neither been told by my company nor by a big newspaper to close my site. I’m pressing the end button on my own. And I have no regrets doing so.

I don’t believe in continuing for the sake of continuing. No use continuing a blog by posting flowers from your office. Then, you know you’ve lost the sparks.

This is also one reason why I never got around to posting the Blog Mela. I’ve passed on the entries to Madhu requesting him to to post it. Apologies for holding it up.

I’ve told myself when I began to blog that I will carry on as long as I enjoy myself. This blog has been more for myself than for others. When it came to a point where I began to write for others, I knew something was wrong.

I didn’t start this to make money. But now, I’m too preoccupied with Google Adwords and how to make more money.

I didn’t start this to build big traffic. But now, I’m too preoccupied analyzing traffic patterns and how to build them further.

I didn’t start this to become India’s top blogger or to be the most influential one. But now that I have, I’m too preoccupied retaining that position.

Obviously, somewhere I lost focus. And I quite don’t like that.

There are other exciting things I’m very passionate about. And I would like to focus my time and energy on them.

Blogging has been a fantastic journey. I totally, I mean *TOTALLY*, enjoyed it….which is why I can’t wait to get started on a different one.

Bye Bye !