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Down Memory Lane : Ethnic Day at College.

Back in 1993 , when I was in my 3rd year in Engineering, me and a bunch of friends started a tradition called the Ethnic Day. This is the day when people come dressed in the traditional attire of their state. I was particularly proud of my college for the wide diversity of folks studying here. We had students coming in from pretty much every state in India. ( Heck, we even had a girl from Lakshwadeep from my senior batch.)

The idea was a big hit. The campus was a riot of colours and has a festive atmosphere. This was one of the initiative that I was proud of.

I always thought this initiative had died out after we left college. That was until a student from the college mailed me the following snaps today of the Ethnic day celebrations that took place this year. He had gotten to know from the Prinipal that we had started this tradition and mailed in his appreciation.

You should’ve seen me beam! 🙂