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Authentic looking Paypal emails

You can’t but help open an email which reads, “Your Paypal account is about to be suspended“. You think it’s a spam for sure but then there is this small feeling of genuinity inside you that makes you not take chances. The email reads…

” We regret to inform you that your paypal account could be suspended if you don’t resolve your billing issues. If your billing is not updated your account will be put on hold. If a hold should be placed on your account,you are prohibited from using Paypal in any way until billing is updated. This includes registration of a new account.

Please note that if your account is suspended any funds you have in your paypal account will be put on hold till this issue is resolved.Please click on link below to update info:

Best regards,
Safeharbor Department Paypal Inc.
The Paypal Team. “

The url is a clean giveaway. Paypal never publishes its IP address as its url. However, there are many unsuspecting people who would click on the link. The links leads to an exact replica of a paypal registration page. People would fill in the form, thus giving away their vital credit card information. It’s a brilliant way to harvest credit card info which can be highly misused. This works anytime better than those tame nigerian emails.

Paypal has put up messages on their site warning of such mails but not many people know about it. This is a sham that people should be aware of.