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A Great HotPot Party

When PrinceRoy and SpicyGirl invited us to a HotPot party at their place, I had no idea what it was about. I suspected right it being about food and not the version of hotpot that was done whilst we were at college! 🙂

I am so totally in tune with their passion for spicy chinese cuisine. I’ve seen some mouth watering pictures of chinese delicasies on PrinceRoy’s blog and I *had* to accept the invitation. Me & my wife did have prior important engagements but ofcourse, that was conveniently pushed away! 🙂

The couple had just returned from their vacation from Australia & New Zealand and on their way back they picked up a lot of authentic chinese ingredients. I’m told, outside of China, Australia has the largest chinese population.

The table had a sumptious spread of delicasies. A really big spread. Right in the middle was the famous hotpot, which looked like an oversized electric casserole. It was filled with yummy looking thin gravy like liquid.

Right around the hotpot were a wide spread of mostly raw food items. Chicken slices, Pork cubes, Beef balls, exotic flowers (yeah, flowers!!), dried mushrooms that looked like mutton liver, lettuce.. and gosh, I lost count. Phenomenal spread.

The modus operandi : We put the food items that we want to eat into the hotpot and let is cook itself. Then you fish them out using the net like ladle onto your plate and help yourself to it. It took me a little while to realise its self service.

Hotpot restaurants are very famous in China and I saw a coverage of them in Discovery channel. It was a totally new concept and just watching the show made my mouth water. Never had I thought that I would be having hotpot food right here in Chennai. That too, authentic Chinese hotpot.

The hosts had invited an Amercian couple who also work at the US Consulate and a Korean couple who work at Hyundai. It was great getting to know the views from an expat angle.

The Korean couple brought along Soju, a potent rice wine which greatly mimiced Vodka. The funny thing is it came in innocent looking tetrapacks. Heck, if they hadn’t told me it was alcohol, I would’ve thought it to be somesort of milkshake!!

Right through the time, the kids were running amok and were at their boisterous best. They did the usual rounds of damage…their idea of having fun! [sigh!]

The party lasted for over three hours and didn’t even realise the time pass by. Prince and Spicygirl have trully upped the bar for great party hosting!