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Photos From Our Cricket Match

The Intra-Sify cricket competition took place at Mayajaal cricket ground last sunday. Here are the snaps from the day.

That’s the pavilion that you see. It contains a bar and a restaurant on the ground floor with a wonderful view of the ground.

Teams warming up before the start of the match.

The match is is in progress. Notice the lush green. It had rained a few days earlier and the ground looks more lushier than usual, we are told. It makes you want to dive on the ground even if the ball goes to another fielder!! 😉

The batting team looking on in full seriousness. That’s my team. That’s me all padded up (standing next to the guy in yellow T-shirt) as I’m to go in next.

This coming sunday, we fight for the third place position. That means another opportunity to play at the lovely ground. Yayyy!