In General

Assessing the Post-Tsunami Situation.

Today, I plan to visit the Tsunami affected hamlets along the East Coast Road to see how the folks have been faring. It’s nearly four months since the disaster happened and its time to see how effective the government’s help has been.

Another important reason for visiting is to clearly assess the present needs of the folks. Karthik and his friends who live in the US had expressed their desire to lend a helping hand. They had sent $500 and had espoused faith in me to help reach the money to the needy.

The pictures below were taken during my visit to Karthik’s parent’s house in Thiruanmiyur to collect the cheque.

While Karthik’s Dad handed over the cheque to me, I requested for a photograph to be taken. He was very reluctant but I insisted. Queasily he posed, while I clicked. It’s good to showcase honest intentions. It’s inspiring for a lot of other folks to get out there and help.

Even though the money was given quite sometime back, I did not have the inclination to go and distribute the money. The first reason was there was good amounts of money and materials that was distributed by the the government and most of the fisherfolks’ basic needs were met. The second and the most important factor was the graft that was happening. There were instances where the donated relief materials were being sold back in the market. So I held back.

I also had alternate idea of using the funds plus my own funds to start a children’s club. But unfortunately, I was not able to devote as much time as I would’ve liked to spend.

I feel the money should go to where it’s intended. So, its time to find out what the people’s needs are and more importantly the money to be used wisely.