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If you can’t beat it, buy it. That’s exactly what Adobe did. Adobe and Macromedia were competitors in the the Web Publishing space and Macromedia was scoring clear winners with its Flash MX and Dreamweaver MX. Adobe’s own LiveMotion and GoLive stood no chance against Macromedia’s Flash & DreamWeaver. And so, the easy way to win the game is just buy your competitor!!

Adobe has a strangle hold leadership in the print and digital imaging market and now they have capped the Web Publishing market too. Smart move by Adobe. Although, at $3.4 Billion, its an expensive buy.

Personally, I’m a trifle sad. Macromedia has been close to my heart. I’ve had the privelege of being the head of India Macromedia User Group and even sat on the International advisory board. I’ve got to know some briliantly great guys out there.

Me with Jeremy Allaire, founder of ColdFusion and CTO (then) of Macromedia and Kevin Lynch, Chief Software Architect of Macromedia.

Me with the heads of US, Germany and France user groups. Awesome folks and brilliant community managers. Guys with sheer passion for Macromedia products.

Now am wondering what would happen to them after this buy out. I hope the equation doesn’t change and these great folks continue to be associated with Macromedia.

It always feels awkward to be ‘bought over’ by your rival. You are made to look like the small guy. I would’ve preferred a ‘merger’ where you are equals. But no, its a buy out and that’s sort of a let down. But hey, we’ll still love Macromedia for the great company its been.