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Assembled V/s Branded ACs

We are in the market for an AC for home. I did my usual research of all brands. I even checked out the Assembled AC market. This is what I learnt.

1) Almost all leading brands like Samsung, LG, Electrolux, Onida do not manufacture their own equipment.

2) They import in fully built units from China and later brand them.

3) Each 1.0 ton Split AC unit from China costs them around Rs.8000. They sell the same piece for around Rs.20,000 in India. (this is because of marketing cost, logistics and channel costs)

4) Each big Container that is shipped in from China contains 137 AC units.

5) The Chinese companies do not offer any warranty. Instead, they pack in an extra set of 137 compressors for free. This is what the Indian companies use for warranty.

All my suspicision came true. Today, I bought an Electrolux 1.0 Ton Split AC for my bedroom and it shows all signs of being an imported kit. The Electolux AC is the same as the assembled unit that I saw with a local assembler. The users manual is printed on cheap paper with no mention of the brand name.

The worst giveaway is the address printed on the carton. It says,”Manufactured by GD Midea Equipment, Shunde, Guangdong, People’s Republic of China”.

Damn! I felt like a fool. I could’ve bought the same unit from the local assembler for just Rs.15,000. Instead, I paid Rs.20,000 believing in Electrolux. @#!&*#%@!^