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Kite Flying

Yesterday, I relived one of my childhood memories. After nearly 20 years, I got my hands on a kite and believe me, the rush of adrenalin was just the same as when I was a kid.

I had taken my family out to Elliots Beach in Besant Nagar to spend the evening. There was this Kite Seller who was selling each piece for Rs.10. Buying one for my daughter was just an excuse! 🙂 I think I had more fun between us!

Incidentally, it was in Besant Nagar I spent my childhood and it was in the same Elliots Beach where I last flew a kite nearly 20 years ago. Those were the days of ‘Manja’ and ‘Deal’.

I remember as kids, we would collect bottles, put them into a cloth bag, and mash it fine with stones. We would then mix it with glue and apply the glass paste (called ‘Manja’) on a special thread we’d get from the ‘Master’s Potti Kadai’.

The challenge is to cut the opponent Kite’s thread (This duel is called ‘Deal’) . And when you do cut it, and if luck and winds are your side, you get to collect the opponent’s Kite as trophy.

Sigh! Those were the good times. And all those memories came gushing back to me as I held the kite yesterday.