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The Nth Chennai Bloggers Meet

Ok, I lost track of the number of blogger meets. But frankly, it doesn’t matter. Every blog meet I attend is something I look forward to. Interesting new people to meet up and make friends with. Baring a few, I was meeting most of the folks for the first time.

This evening, we met up at Java Green, the small cofee shop inside Reliance Web World shop on Panagal Park, T.Nagar. I usually don’t prefer coffee places for such meets ‘coz the big crowd had to squeeze in and have to shout to be heard over the noisy music. And oh, not to mention the over priced bad tasting coffees. But thankfully this time, had a wonderful tasting hazelnut cold coffe.

The meet was a well attended one and as usual we totally usurped the place. Unusually though, there were girls. Most importantly, two who had come down from Singapore for vacations.

After coffee,we hopped over to the ice cream shop below. Overall, a thumbs up for a nice evening.