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Seeking Help : Know a Digital Camera Service Centre?

My digital camera is dead. Reason for death : It got wet in the rain. This happened a couple of months ago. Partly because of my love for cycling in the rain. Only when I reached office did I realise neither my bag nor the camera pouch is water proof. Anyways, the point is, it is dead.

I took it to the ‘Camera Service Centre’ ( Yes, that’s the full name of the shop), which seems to be the only Canon authorized service centre in Chennai. After two days of keeping it with them, they said they can’t repair it. Technically speaking , they can. But that would cost me Rs.8500 just for the repair. The guy didn’t wait for me to say I might as well put in a little more dough and buy a new camera.

Well, I can’t. The frivolous reason is because I’m sentimentally attached to this camera. The real reason is, I don’t want to spend another 14 grand to buy a new one.

So, here’s the help I’m seeking from you. Would you know any person or shop which services digital cameras either in Chennai, Hyderabad or Bangalore? Something in me tells me that this camera can be brought back to life. Why? Because I know a friend, Karthik, who dropped his Canon camera in the Kodaikanal lake and now his camera is working fine.

His camera conked off but was repaired back to its original condition. When a camera which lay submerged at the bottom of a lake for over 10 minutes can survice, I’m sure a camera which just got wet in the rain can.

Feed me hope, guys. Thanks.