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BusinessWorld Covers Blogging : And I get a small mention

Rashmi Bansal’s article on Blogging in BusinessWorld is probably one of the better articles to hit the mainstream media. Given the limit of two pages, she’s done a decent job of giving a good overview.

Check out Page 56 in this month’s BusinessWorld deadwood edition. The online version, however, is only for subscribers.

It shows that it helps to be a blogger to write an article on blogging. Rashmi who is the editor of JAM magzine (and an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus), blogs at YouthCurry.

However, if there’s one peeve that I’ve got its this habit of not mentioning URLs of blogs in the article. It somehow doesn’t make the article look complete. That’s like a cricket radio commentator not mentioning the scores.

I get a one line mention towards the end of the article which kinda gives away my Adsense earnings!