In General

I’m a Proud Dad again!

My wife gave birth to a beautiful girl baby yesterday. She was born at 2:33 P.M and weighed a healthy 3.25 kgs. It’s a normal delivery and Sujani, my wife, is recovering well.

There were anxious moments, though. Two days back, the scan report said while the baby’s growth is good, there were two abnormalities. The liquid content was low and the umbilical cord was woven around the baby’s neck. The doctor comforted us saying there was nothing to worry and she will take care of it. Yet, I had moments of trepidation. I was suspecting a C-section.

I’m mighty relived that everything went well. If there’s something that is a mixture of extreme relief and utter joy, then this is it!

Now, I have to go hug my lil’ darling! 🙂