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How to Steal a bike …..via FreeAds !!! And why you should be careful.

This is a real life incident that happened recently. A friend of mine wanted to sell his bike and planned to buy a new one. He gave an adertisement to seel his old bike in FreeAds classifieds paper. That evening he got a call from a guy who evinced interest in buying the bike.

My friend and this prospective buyer met up at common place. He wanted to test ride the bike to see its condition. The guys started the bike and went around the corner. That was the last my friend saw the person and the bike. The guy never returned.

I’m surprised how easily he managed to steal the bike. The guy looked very decent and spoke excellet english…someone you’d hardly doubt as a thief.

When my friend complained to the police, they said that that many such incidents had taken place. It looks like someone has mastered the art of stealing bikes.