In General

All set for the Bike Ride

At the crack of dawn, a bunch of us saddle the Enfield Thunderbirds on a ride to Tada. This evening, we went over to the Royal Enfield showroom in Adyar to pick up our bikes.

It’s my very first time on a Thunderbird. One hour on the bike and I’ve mixed reactions. Oh boy, the bike sure does look hawt & macho. Your ego grows a few pounds heavier as soon as you sit on the mean looking machine. But I guess that’s where the good thing stops. After getting used to fineness of the 100 CC bikes, the Thunderbird’s cranky gear system and irritatingly hard kick starter starts to rub you on the wrong side.

It’s definitely not a city bike. Obviously. I know its a cruiser and will have to wait until we hit the highways to see its mettle as a long distance bike.

I love Tada and the last time I was there a year back totally enjoyed myself on the river trekking. This time I look forward to climbing up the waterfall rocks and roughing it out. It’s been a long time since I roughed it out in the wild and am so looking forward to it.