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When the line between Original & Fake disappears !

OK, figure this. The lastest book ‘Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince’ costs Rs.764. Yesterday, I bought the entire set of six Harry Potter books for just Rs.400. Yeah, obviously pirated editions. But, the stunning point is the excellent quality of these pirated editions. They had the same colourful, thick cover as the original book. The print and the quality of inside pages were of good quality too.

Frankly, if you gave me an original book and a pirated one and asked me to figure out the fake one out, I might have taken some time figuring out. They were that good.

With hardly any difference in quality, I have really no reason to go to a big airconditioned book shop like Landmark or Higginbothams to buy the book. I wonder what would, Bloomsbury – the publishers of the book, would have to say about this.