In General

The Digital Camera Compromise

For quite sometime, I’ve set my eyes on Nikon D50 Digital SLR camera. But, that called in for an investment of upwards of Rs.50,000 for the body and lenses. More than the money, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to afford the time to pursue serious photography. There’s definitely the interest but wasn’t sure about the commitment.

About two years back, I invested in a Sony handycam but it’s now lying cobwebbed, unattended. I didn’t want to do the same misake plonking in a lot of dough until I justified the need and interest. Maybe soon. Besides, I’ll have to do some saving up.

So, for a quick stop-gap, I went and picked up a Olympus Camedia C-370. There were a couple of things I was sure about even before I stepped inside the camera shop… a) I didn’t want anything higher than 3.2 MP. b) Wanted an inexpensive one, since I’d anyway go for a digital SLR and c) Wanted something small enough to fit my pocket. I carefully considered all the suggestions and advise I got on this site sometime ago. Given the three conditions I was pretty clear about, the Camedia was the one that came closest.