In General

Introducing PodBazaar

I recently got to meet up with Sujatha and Shriram, the wonderful couple behind The site aims to be a destination for podcasters from South Asia. From what I’ve known, this is the first exclusive website for showcasing podcasts predominantly from India.

Sujatha and Shriram are based in California and they made their annual India visit to coincide with the music season in Chennai. In addition to being a techie, Shriram is an also an accomplished musician and does concerts.

Both of them are ardent believers that podcasting will see a big upsurge. They are very passionate about their project. So much so that, they have become podcasting’s evangelists.

Right now, PodBazaar is in its beta stage and participation is on invitation only. They hope to make the site public in a month’s time. Sujatha egged me to jump on to podcasting and I was surprised at the timing. One of my new year resolutions was to get into atleast a weekly podcast and the request couldn’t have come at a better time.