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MyToday, a New Launch by Rajesh Jain’s Team

The original IndiaWorld guys are at it again. After stupendous success with many years ago, they are again out with a real nice news aggregation system.

I visited NetCore’s office in Mumbai and got to meet VeerChand, an important person in Rajesh Jain’s team. I could sense a lot of action happening and amongst many new ventures in incubation, MyToday has hatched first. Nice domain name, BTW.

In the beginning, MyToday may seem like Google News but it differs slightly. Instead of concentrating on the stories, they have concentrated on the source of the stories. This way, the stories that come out are meticulously edited by the individual owners of the websites. Neat idea, I thought.

In addition to News, they also have the latest from the Indian Blogosphere. Neat.

Give it a spin.