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Announcing BarCamp Chennai

Ever since I heard about the original BarCamp that happened in Palo Alto and later in New York City, I’ve been yearning for such an event since last November. I’ve been thinking of putting together an unconference for quite some time. The turning point came after seeing the success of Delhi BarCamp. I decided to scratch the itch. I put together initial plans and it quickly gathered momentum. It’s definitely the most exciting event I’m planning up along with some uber cool folks.

Check out this Wiki on BarCampChennai for full information.

BarCamp is an ad-hoc unconference born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction. The two day BarCampChennai focusses on Web 2.0 and Next Generation Internet. It takes place on April 8th and 9th (Saturday and Sunday)

It’s an open, welcoming, once-a-year event for geeks to camp out for a couple days with wifi and smash their brains together.

The event will be free or very close to free. But there’s a catch! Every participant *MUST* participate actively. “Active participation” might mean giving a presentation, helping with a presentation, helping in organizing, blogging or podcasting the event, or whatever other creative ways to contribute people can come up with.

There is no audience. Only participants! This is unlike any conference you have been to before. It’s new, it’s different. Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join. Visit the Wiki, and just add in your name and your presentation title. We are actively seeking volunteers. There are lots of ways one can contribute. Just take it up and let’s colloborate together.

There’s already lots of interest brewing. There are participants coming in from as far as Delhi and Mumbai. If you are technology aficionado interested in Web 2.0 and the next generation of Internet, don’t miss this. Join in and let’d do this together. Visit the BarCampChennai Wiki and add yourself.

Here are a few snapshots from BarCamps around the world.