In General

The Spirit of BarCamps

I know that hooking up with like-minded people is one of the main reasons I attend conferences. Sure, the presentations are useful, but nothing like meeting new folks and discussing ideas. And many folks have echoed the same thought.

BarCamp promotes the kind of exchange that happens at the best conferences during breaks and late into the night, plus plenty of time for fun. BarCamp is a gathering of those people, many of whom you won’t have met before.

BarCamp is about passionate sharing of knowledge, camaraderie, and sheer learning of what the other guys are doing on the WEB 2.0 scene. One head is never as good as a 100 intelligent heads. If you are are into any web technologies, this is the place you want to be.

Wondering what BarCamp is? Read This. And yes, it’s happening right here in Chennai. Make sure you want to be part of it. If you are, then great! Just add yourself to the page. It’s a wiki. Even if you aren’t attending, do help by spreading the word around to your techie friends.

Yesterday, BarCamp took place in Austin, Texas and here are some photos. It’ll give you a peek into what goes into a BarCamp. (err…minus the lamborghinis !! 🙂 And oh, don’t miss some more pics by scrolling this page to a couple of posts down.