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BlogSwara – An Unique Musical Colloboration

I’m a firm believer of team collaboration. I’ve known that what you can do as an individual, you can do much, much more as a team. There are far too many instances that has reconfirmed this belief.

Here’s another one. BlogSwara – A very unique teaming. A team of twenty plus Indian bloggers, with a common affinity towards music, have fused together a musical album. What’s special here is that, the folks are all located in different countries and cities and they have co-ordinated entirely via online and composed this album.

The following intro on their website explains this succintly.

“BlogSwara is a collaborative musical endeavor by a group of Indian bloggers around the world. For the first version we have songs in 3 different Indian languages. Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi. Everything is done by the bloggers themselves. Lyrics, Music, Orchestration, Vocals, Recording and Mixing. Everything is done online. Everybody works from their own place that is in different parts of the world.”

BlogSwara is going live today with the release of their first album. Here’s wishing them great success.