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The Tinkle Nostalgia

While at the supermarket, I was browsing at the magazine section. I normally would reach for the IndiaTodays and BusinessWorlds but this time I picked up a Tinkle. Not to buy but just to see what changes it would have been through in the 15 – 20 years since I read one last.

I was plesantly surprised. Tantri still tries unsuccessfully to get to the throne. Kalia the crow still outwits Chamatak and Doob Doob. Shikari Shambu still screws up but manages to win at the end. The flat headed Simpleton Suppandi still continues to be ‘duh’. The only one missing was my favorite Hodja.

Amazing how the Tinkle team has been able to sustain the quality all these years. It took me right back to my school days.

I just *had* to pick up the mag. The IndiaTodays and BusinessWorlds can wait.