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O’Reilly Launches PDF Books

Remember the tech books with animal pics on them. Yup, its them, O’reilly. With technology moving so fast, the publishing book industry just can’t keep pace. By the time the author finishes writing, gets published and hits the store, a newer technology would have eclipsed the older one.

O’reilly has been quick to adapt. They have launched the PDF versions. They save time and money by not having to worry about printing and distributing. Selling it online is so much easier.

O’Reilly authors can now publish information as the need arises, without having to wait for enough material to fill an entire book. Plus, readers can easily search the text, copy and paste handy bits of code into their applications, and take the PDF with them even when they’re offline.
I’ve been an O’reilly user group member for over 5 years now and it takes me, sometimes several weeks, to get hold of new launches. Now, its right there for me to pick it up.