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Podcast: Interview with Shaheen

Shaheen is an upcoming singer based in LA who’s debut album ‘Rock Candy’ became an instant hit. She is the first guest to be interviewed in my new series called ‘Podview’, short for ‘Podcast Interview’.

Her roots trace to Trichy, a town in Tamilnadu but has lived most of her life in Cleveland and LA. I don’t remember how I got to her website but when I did, I was immediately drawn to the music playing on her site. For once I didn’t frown at an audio playing default on pageload. I checked out the rest of her songs and took a good liking.

I shot an email to her publicist and we quickly set up an interview time, with her in LA and me in Chennai. We did it over Gizmo which has a really good recording facility. I did the editing and audio conversion using Audacity. Sujatha of PodBazaar was very helpful with tips.

Quick note: I suck at questions. Should improve over time. My side of audio was pretty poor while the other side was pretty good. So, you may have to bear with my feeble voice and listen up.

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