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The Indian what Challenge??

A rally race on our autos!! Yes, that’s the Indian Autorickshaw Challenge. It definitely caught my fancy. Check this out. A 1000 kms rally, starting from Chennai till Kanyakumari, spread over 7 days. I thought the blurb they had on their site was perfect – “An Amazing race for the clinically insane”!

What’s interesting is that the whole idea has been the brainchild of a bunch of guys from Budapest, Houston and Chennai. I’d say the brilliance of this idea is that its different. If it was a bike race or a car rally, I’d have yawned. But autorickshaws?! Now, you’re talking.

The race is happening from August 21 till 27th. Even while reading the info, I was mentally packing my bags and selecting my rally mates to take part in the race…. until I saw the entry fee. 1000 Euros. That’s Rs.60,000. gulp. And that’s not including the petrol which is on us.

I foresee a lot of expatriates in Chennai and rest of India take part in the race. There aren’t any such crazy trips happening and this should certainly entice the adventure starved ones.