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Why I Should Continue to Cycle to Work

When people ask me why I cycle to work, I always tell I do because, I enjoy cycling. The answer, invariably, is taken with a pinch of salt and a squinted eye. They then proceed to ask for the ‘real reason’. They somehow can’t see any enjoyment in cycling 22 kilometers every day in the traffic and heat.

After a period of time, I got tired of explaining the thrill in cycling and the feeling of staying real fit. So, I say its because of the rising cost of fuel. People quickly nod in agreement, tch tch the increasing cost and emphatize with me. I inwadly smile, happy not having to do any further explanation.

Now, for the first time, I’m beginning to believe what I’m saying. The fuel cost is indeed getting steeper and its infact becoming a strong reason why I should continue to cycle to office. In addtion to the ‘health’ factor, the ‘cost savings’ factor is beginning to get higher prominence.