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Wanna Question Robert Scoble?

I’m doing a podcast interview with Robert Scoble tomorrow at 6:00 AM India Time and I’m throwing open the question field to you. If you want to ask a particular question to Scoble, leave it in the comments box below and I’ll ask him on your behalf. There’s a time limit, so I’ll pick up the best ones.

Who’s Scoble, did you ask? Well, you need to crawl out of that big rock you have been hibernating in. Scoble is a tech evangelist at Microsoft but better known as it’s most vocal corporte blogger. Here’s what BBC has to say about Scoble: “Scoble’s blog is widely seen as helping to humanise Microsoft and shift its stance from arrogant and aloof to one that is more inclusive and accepting of criticism.”

Why is he in the news? ‘Coz he is leaving the tech giant to join a start-up called PodTech as its Vice-President.

Two weeks back, I has requested Scoble for a podcast interview, much before I came to know of his daring move. So, here’s your chance to question the guy. Drop your questions in the comments box.

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