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Wonderful Andhra Dinner & A Great Cook Book

From left to right: Pratiba Jain, Jigyasa Giri and Pedatha

Pratiba and Jigyasa did something I had long wanted to do. Capture Grandma’s expertise in a book. Let me explain. Both my maternal and paternal grandmothers are exceptional cooks and they can churn out recipes like only they can. And they have treasure trove of memories. I always wanted to capture their thoughts but never could.

So, when I heard about these two friends who did just that, I had all admiration for them. I should thank Prabodh Jain for introducing me to them. Their book is a compilation of receipes painstakingly gleaned together from the divine looking Pedatha ( short for Pedha atha meaning Elder aunt). The fact that she is the daughter of V.V.Giri, ex-president of India, only adds to the aura.

I was invited to a lovely dinner by them and I must tell you that it’ll be an evening I’ll remember for a very long time. Authentic andra food is something I can kill for. Add to that an interesting conversation of their experiences just made it even better.

This self-published book is the fruit of two years of labour. Learn more about it at

The wonderful andra spread that I was treated to.