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Resilience or Callousness?

I was watching NDTV and CNN-IBN yesterday and was surprised that in less than 24 hours of the blasts, things were running as usual as if nothing had happened. The trains were running on time, there were crowds at the train station and everyone seems to have gotten along with life.

What the NDTV journalist at the train station said rang a bell. Is the city showing resilience by getting along with life or is it just callousness and sheer business pressure that making it get back so quickly. I’d say both.

Just this morning, I was passing by the Co-optex building on Pantheon road. A few rooms on the first floor of this clothes shop was gutted about three weeks ago. This whole building has been closed since then with the scar marks from the fire still visible.

Sometimes, its good to be a Mumbai getting back to its feet the very next day.