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Bloggers Against Censorship

The entire list of Blog*Spot, TypePad and Geocities blogs have been blocked by all ISPs in India. This means almost none in India will be able to view any of these blogs. What a gross violation of the most basic right – the right to express one’s opinion.

My heart cringed with shame when I saw the top story on Digg that says, “Indian Government Blocks Blogs.” Imagine what an impression we are giving to the international community. Do we really need this? I’d seriously like to know the which wise nutcrack in the top echelons came up with this idea.

At a time when India is moving forward, we don’t need a step that drags us down. In one single step, we have been equalled to the communication-oppressed countries like North Korea, China & Nigeria.

I’m honestly pissed. And I’m glad so are many others. The unified outpouring of expression and anger from other folks is heartening. Many journos are picking up this story. By tomorrow, it should be out in major publications and certainly the TV channels.

I’m sure the folks who came with the ban will put the blame on the terrorists and play the good samaritan by protecting India. And in all likelihood, after the shit has hit the fan and enough damage done, they will reverse the ban and life will go on.

There’s tons of dicusssion happening in the Bloggers Collective Google Group . The ‘Bloggers Against Censorship Wiki contains the gist of imporant information.

Join in.

I love this particular quote by Ravi Kiran, “You know what really scares me? Some bureaucrat learnt that terror groups are using blogs to communicate. Instead of deciding to read those blogs to find out what they are upto, he decides to ban them. I am shit-scared that my country’s security is in that guy’s hands”