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World Record Attempt

Here’s an interesting person I got to speak with. Nagaprasad, the Hyderabad based student and professional shooting aspirant is looking to create a world record in shooting. Come 10th August and he will be at Lal Bahadur Stadium typing for 77 hours at a stretch. And what is he typing? His own book he authored on Indo-Pak relationship.

Nag tells me that he is doing this record breaking attempt to create awareness and raise funds to support his shooting career. He wants to represent India in 10 meter shooting competitions.

His book, ‘Journey between two great nations’, on bilateral relations between India & Pakistan will be released on the same day by Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy, the Chief Minister of Andra Pradesh. He tells me that Karunanidhi, the Tamilnadu CM has given him an appointment to meet up with him mid next month.

I’m told he already holds two Limca National Records and one world record, though I don’t know in which category. I’ll know when I get to speak to him again tomorrow night which I’d be recording as a podcast. If you have any questions to ask, put them down in the comments below and I’ll ask him on your behalf.