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Take That, You @%$&^* Water!

I lost two digital cameras earlier when they conked out getting wet in the rain. So, when I went to the camera shop to buy a new one, the word, ‘All Weather’ written in a tiny font size on this Olympus 700 stood out like the Hollywood sign to me. I didn’t bother with the other brands. This’ll safeguard me from the freaky water and that’s all I needed.

There was another Olympus camera that can be used in under-water photography. Yeah, the ad for the camera has a busty girl drop her camera into a bucket of water, smiling. I was tempted but then I’d be stretching my hydrophobia a bit too much.

Besides, the Olumpus Mu 700’s silver metallic body, sleek design, big LCD display and the 7.1 MP didn’t hurt my decision. This must’ve been the quickest shopping I had done.