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Microsoft Zune – First Impressions

Honestly, I’m impressed. No, I didn’t get to see a working piece. Just the photos on Flickr and Engadget. And from what I see, MS has exceeded my expectations. Well, my expectations were very low. I expected it to be a screw up. Not only have they exceeded expectation, they even kick Apple’s arse in the video display dept. That’s a damn good sized screen. Nearly twice as that of the Video iPod.

Sure, it’s a near total ripoff of iPod. But hey, that’s always been MS philosophy of sucess,isn’t it. See something good, make a better copy.

Now, the all important price. We are never told. Apparently we’ll have to wait till year end. That’s a bummer. That’s another area to score over Apple. Price it deliciously lower and eat into Apple’s marketshare. But as far as the coolness factor, hmmm, Apple reigns supreme.

More pics.

Steve Ballmer launching Zune.

And when its Microsoft, how can spoofs be far behind. Here’s the blue screen of death!