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Get a Free .info Domain

I was helping an old friend in renewing his domain name at when I noticed that they are throwing a free .info domain name. So, for Rs.495, you get two domains. Actually, they give you no choice. You must choose a free .info domain name to proceed with the renewal. Looked strange to me. But what the heck, a free domain wouldn’t hurt.

I was meaning to block for sometime and figured, since I’m anyways getting it for free, might as well grab the chance. So, I went ahead and paid for an advance renewal of and got the for free. (nothing there yet though. I might just redirect it back to

So, why block it, you ask? Well, I believe in having control over the brand name. In this case, it is Kiruba. I was slack a few years ago and lost to a squatter. Someone else picked up the prime and (legitimate people). If one’s serious about their name brand, it’s important to seize control. I didn’t lose much time in booking Kiruba.TV and Kiruba.Net.

It might sound selfish in usurping all those names. I mean, think about the other Kirubas of the world. There’s even an orkut group for the various Kirubas. But then hey, I’m no Mother Theresa. I believe domain names play a crucial role in sculpting your image on the Net. Why take a chance then.

To me, they are smart investment in the virtual real estate.