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Chennai to Pondicherry Cycling Trip

In the wee hours of the morning, I’m off on a cycling trip along with three others to Pondicherry. The East Coast Road is a charm to ride on and not to forget the wonderful destination. We plan to reach Pondy by Friday evening, stay there on Saturday and head back home on Sunday morning.

The ECR or the East Coast Road runs right alongside the ocean and that’s where the challenge of the wind comes by. It’s great to zip by on one’s bike or car with windows rolled down to enjoy the sea breeze. But if you are on a cycle, it hits straight out at you acting as a brake. It’s an extra challenge that makes this trip interesting.

I’m teaming up with Shyam once again. Earlier we were part of the team that cycled from Bangalore to Chennai.

Will be back after the weekend with photos and tales of adventure!