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Views From The TiE Entrepreneurial Summit

I would have absolutely regretted not being part of the event. Having to meet up with folks who you have grown up seeing them on magazine covers is an inspiring experience.

The event stood up to its tagline “Celebrating the Spirit of Indian Entreprenueurship”. Someone decided to make a wishlist of the top Indian entrepreneurs and invite them all to the event.

TiE had handpicked an exceptional list of successful entrepreneurs to talk at the event and most of them turned out to be very elequoent.

I thought, since the event is about entreprenuers, and they are not exactly the corporate type, the dressing would be casual. I was surprised to find half of them decked to the hilt in corporate wear. The event clearly was a sell out. Most sessions had folks standing on the ailes.

This is the lunch area at the Grand Hyatt.

Drinks were on the house. Some of the best spirits being served.

A rather huge christmas tree (plastic)

During breaks, the hallways were packed. This is where the most networking happened.

That’s Kanwal Rekhi talking to management grads, who were lapping every word of his.