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Of Crowded Exhibitions and A Lost Kid

I had heard of a Kids’ exhibition at the Chennai Trade Centre and decided to take my kids out there. And boy, did I regret it or what? What was supposed to be a leisurely shopping trip turned into a stressful, squeezed out visit. Take a look at the pictures above. Forget shopping, just walking through the hallways itself required an effort.

To add more drama, we lost track of my elder daughter. She had drifted away from us and even after 10 minutes of frantic searching by me and my wife, we couldn’t find her. Much to our relief, a surprisingly clear announcement from the PA system called out to us saying our daughter is safe at the security area.

And the guy who helped take my lost & hysterically crying daughter to the security was the HDFC Life insurance salesman. I saw him and remembered him as the guy who I had earlier turned his sales pitches down. Had I not taken insurance for my daughters’ earlier, I would have picked up his scheme, just to show my gratitude. All I did was clutch his hands and thank him from my heart.