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Photos From Evam150

The panel discussion on ‘The New Audience and Future of Live Theatre’ took place this evening at The Park. The discussion was aimed at what the theatre industry (stage plays) can do to compete with other modes of entertainment. It’s all the more relevant in TamilNadu, a stage dangerously smitted by movies and the TV.

Two years ago, I knew about stage plays as much as Lallu knows ping-pong. It was Evam that introduced me to the art and it’s interesting that two years later I’m sitting on their panel discussing about how to get in the new guys.

What I liked best was hearing ideas from the guys who run some of my favorite establishments. Harrish, the founder of Fruit Shop on Greams Road on how he got to start his famous chain. Kiran Reddy, the guy behind the amazing transformation of Satyam Cinemas. PC Ramakrishnan, part of the 50 year old Madras Players (the oldest theatre group in India) who is bringing to life, Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone.

The stage backdrop had a nicely designed ‘e’ which had the names and synopsis of all the stage plays that Evam has done so far.

I shot this while the session was in progress. To my left is Rajeev, CEO of E Factor, PC Ramakrishnan, well known theatre personality and the person speaking into the mike is Kiran Reddy, the MD of Sathyam Cinemas.

View of the audience, shot from the dias. It was a press meet and was good to know that quite a few bloggers were invited as well. Evam has been giving quite a bit of coverage to the online community. They are infact holding a special Orkut members meeting as well.

That’s Kartik Kumar, the main force behind Evam. The other partner is Sunil. KK as Kartik is called has acted in a handful of tamil movies. His wife is the talented Suchitra, RJ at Radio Mirchi and play back singer.